Authors: Stephen Edward McCabe, Frances Claire Verey / Editor: Jason M Kendall / Reviewer: Tadgh Moriarty / Codes: RP4, SLO3, SLO4, SLO5, TC2, TP10, TP7Published: 22/11/2020

A 13-year-old boy was brought into the ED by ambulance after falling off his BMX bike. He fell onto the tip of one handlebar whilst doing tricks, and had to remove it from deep in his right groin area. At the scene, he was able to weight bear on the affected limb. In transit he had a brief period of hypotension (BP 88/61).

On examination in resus, he was haemodynamically stable. His primary survey revealed a deep right groin laceration on exposure. This was approximately 10cm in length (see picture below). This was not bleeding heavily. Examination revealed an inability to extend his big toe, with concomitant decreased sensation.

wound preop

With remarkable insight for a 13 year old boy he also mentioned that the wound may have been a lot less deep had he had his trousers pulled up and not low slung as is the fashion!