Author: Sandi Angus / Editor: Jessie Lynch, Fiona Mendes / Codes: EC8, EP5, SLO1, SLO5Published: 16/08/2023

A 7-year-old male presents with a 1 day history of vomiting and right sided ear pain. There is a history of preceding coryzal symptoms for 1 week. He has had a dose of Paracetamol within the last four hours.

He has no allergies.

His observations are as follows:

Oxygen saturations 100% in room air, Respiratory rate 24, Heart rate 103 bpm, BP 128/78 mmHg, Temp 38.1oC.

On examination, his left ear is normal. On examination of his right ear, you see the following appearances on otoscopy:

Image 1. source Wikipedia