Authors: Sian Juniper / Editor: Steve Corry-Bass / Reviewer: William Gibbs / Codes: CC2, NeuC12, NeuP4, NeuP8, SLO1 / Published: 31/07/2022

A 75-year-old man presented to the Emergency Department (ED) with his wife claiming that he ‘just doesn’t feel right’, this morning he kept dropping the soap in the shower, and then knocked over his tea because he did not realise it was next to him. He felt fine when he first woke up and did not have any problems making his breakfast.

This happened about 2 hours ago.

He is worried because his arms and legs feel heavy, uncomfortable and this has never happened before. His wife said his voice also sounds unusual although the patient himself claims that he hears no difference.

He is usually very fit, and prefers walking to driving.

He is normally on atorvastatin for high cholesterol that is well controlled. He smoked between the ages of 15 to 55 but after seeing advertisements about the dangers of smoking he completely quit.

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