Management (Soft Tissue Injuries)

Soft tissue injuries can be managed in the following ways:

Lateral and medial epicondylitis

Management should consist of advice regarding relative rest, ice therapy and analgesia.

Symptoms are often prolonged. An inelastic, proximal forearm strap may help some patients in the short-term but those with persistent symptoms should be referred for physiotherapy. A corticosteroid injection may improve pain over 4-6 weeks but there is evidence that the long-term outcome following corticosteroid injection may be worse than no treatment or physiotherapy alone.

Olecranon bursitis

Treatment is with relative rest, ice therapy and analgesia. A broad arm sling may be required in more severe cases.

Septic bursitis requires antibiotics (intravenous if systemically unwell) as per local policy.

Caution is required when considering aspiration of olecranon bursae since fistula formation is a widely recognised complication of the procedure.

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