Although the main value of FAST is to recognise free intra-peritoneal fluid, FAST should also include the recognition of pericardial and pleural fluid.

AAA assessment

Similarly, AAA assessment should involve the recognition of the inferior vena cava (IVC). These skills can have immense value in the immediate assessment of the peri-arrest resuscitation patient by allowing the EP to check for cardiac motility and IVC filling.

It should be noted that while radiology input is not mandatory, and many core skills have been taught by fellow EPs it is extremely helpful to have training and encouragement from radiology colleagues

Echo in life support.

There is a limited echocardiogram used in the setting of non-shockable cardiac arrest rhythms (PEA and asystole). The Heart is examined during a rhythm check for wall motion and the treatable causes of PEA(cardiac tamponade, hypovolaemia and pulmonary embolism).