Machine Settings

Consider the following:

For more information on this topic, see the session on Image Acquisition.

Image acquisition

Image acquisition is obtained with a low frequency curved probe, usually at a setting of around 3-5 mHz.


It is generally advised that the depth is initially set to 16 cm (see bottom right of the image), and reduced for a thinner patient or increased for a larger patient.

Time Gain Compensation (TGC)

If your machine has TGC, set it with less gain in the near fields and proportionally more in the far fields.

Label the image

Label the image with appropriate patient details. These will usually appear at the top of the scan, but have not been included in this image for patient confidentiality.


Always add either a pictogram or a text description of what the image is intended to be. A pictogram is a small body picture (see bottom right of the image). Some operators prefer a simple text insert instead, such as ‘RUQ’.

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