The Standard FAST Views

During the 1990s, six FAST views were described to include two paracolic views, but these paracolic views have generally been dropped. More recently, extended FAST (known as EFAST) is gaining popularity. This includes an upper thoracic view of the right and left lung fields, to look for signs of pneumothorax.  EFAST is not currently part of Level 1 training but is widely utilised and is planned to be included in the future EM US curriculum.

The standard FAST views are shown in the diagrams below. 

Right Upper Quadrant (RUQ), to include Morison’s pouch and the right costs-phrenic pleural recess

Left Upper Quadrant (LUQ), to include the spleen renal recess and the left costo-phrenic pleural recess.

The Pericardial Sac, from below or transthoracic

The Pelvic Cavity, in two planes.

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No diagram seen of standard FAST views (Mac OS/Safari)?

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