Eye Anatomy Part 3

The 3rd in the series on Eye Anatomy. This vodcast looks at the bits that move the eye. Make sure you check out the other 2 vodcasts, bits of the eye and bony parts of the eye as well. Enjoy!
Soft tissue infections are bread and butter cases for the EM clinician. Adrian Boyle gives an overview of the main take home points from his talk on just this topic at the #RCEMBelfast Conference
James Harding, Consultant at UHCW in Interventional Radiology, gives an overview of his talk from the Trauma Care Conference in Telford on Interventional Radiology (IR) in Trauma
This role is ever increasing: they have roles in resuscitation, prevention, education and research along with many other grey areas
Athletes in the ED, my ED, we hardly ever see them……..or so you might think
ECGs not to miss in the ED
Top 10 Trauma Papers 2014-15
This a recording of the session Tim Nutbeam gave remotely at the Trauma Care Conference in Telford 2015
Welcome to another Best Practice Guideline podcast from RCEM
Improving care in the ED, one department’s response to the Francis report
Part 2 of the eye. This vodcast looks at the bony parts of the eye and the orbit. Make sure to check out Part 1 on bits of the eye. Part 3, the bits that move the eye will be out soon. Enjoy!
Welcome to another Best Practice Guideline podcast from RCEM
This year’s Douglas Chamberlain lecture at the LCAS was given by Prof. James Manning on his 25 years of research into cardiac arrest and the use of Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion
Trauma is a significant cause of mortality worldwide, especially amongst children and young adults, with the majority of deaths occurring shortly after arrival in hospital
At a time in which EM is establishing its position in airway management and developing strategies to advance care for patients in the Resuscitation room
Day 3 at #RCEMBelfast continued on yesterday’s medical thread, with an excellent talk on Heart Failure by consultant Cardiologist Mark Petrie
Another interesting day has come and gone at #RCEMBelfast
Day 1 of the First CPD Conference since the College went Royal
Welcome to the first of a new series of podcasts that will be published on the Best Practice Guidelines
Is there a role for the Impedance Threshold Device in hypotensive, spontaneously breathing, trauma patients?
Prehospital ECMO for refractory cardiac arrest is a mind-boggling feat when you consider the rapid response
Urine Drug-of-abuse screens in the ED
Reduced conscious level is a common finding in the ED
The Belfast CPD programme is diverse and it is designed to reflect the CPD curriculum