LTC Podcast 4 – Trauma Nursing & Research

This was the first year that the London Trauma Conference included a breakaway session dedicated to Trauma Nursing
This is the first of my interviews with speakers from the London Cardiac Arrest Symposium, which ran concurrently with the London Trauma Conference
A topic to muddy the FOAMed waters; constipation, a problem for many patients in which their care could be dramatically improved. Find out how in this podcast
This was a captivating talk from a man who has seen first hand the effect of the development of organised trauma and pre-hospital care
In this interview we discuss his experience in the use of ultrasound for critical care in the remote environment
Authors aimed to derive and validate a Clinical Decision Rule (CDR) for suspected cardiac chest pain to risk stratify patients in the ED
In the first of my official LTC podcasts recorded live at the conference I interview Mr Doug West, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at Bristol Royal Infirmary
Acute Confusion in the Emergency Department
How do the presence of absence of Framingham Risk Factors affect your perception of patients in the ED having ACS?
Consider organ donation in all patients who are intubated and a plan has been made to withdraw care
The first of a three part series of eye anatomy, all that you need to know for MCEM/FCEM
To evaluate whether EtCO2 measurement can be used at the bedside to exclude pulmonary embolism (PE)
EWS in the ED
In the management of acute haemorrhagic stroke, does the intensive management of hypertension in the first 6 hours improve outcomes?
Didn’t manage to make it to the European Society of Emergency Medicine conference in Amsterdam, aka #EuSEM14? Well don’t worry
Exit block occurs when patients in the emergency department who require admission to the hospital are unable to be moved to a bed on a ward because of a lack of availability
Interview with Prof Col Russell, Defence Consultant Advisor for EM, on EM in the military.
Interview with Dr Gareth Davies: London's Air Ambulance (@LNDairamb), about an emerging treatment coming to your ED soon.
Master Paediatric Analgesia in the ED
A podcast about one of the most frequent presentations and poisoning seen in the ED
In-situ simulation: A beginner’s guide
Crystalloids vs colloids; the debate continues in this podcast on a recent paper
Hone your diagnostic skills with this podcast on test thresholds and likelihood ratios