EMJ February 2023

This month Lisa Ramage and Amy Hughes discuss the paper 'Thromboprophylaxis in ambulatory ED patients managed with lower limb immobilisation after injury: a national survey'. Then Suzy and Philippa discuss 'Pulmonary embolism management in the ED'.
This month we have New In EM - AP pad placement for transcutaneous pacing, Guidelines for EM - Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, New in EM - Blood pressure targets in cardiac arrest & New Online
This month we have Neutrophil: lymphocyte ratio in septic arthritis, NICE SAH and New Online.
This month we discuss Midazolam vs. morphine in heart failure, Sedation (Part 2), TREDTalk, EMTA Survey, New Online.
This month we discuss IV Paracetamol, Sedation, Highlights from the Thames Valley Cardiac Arrest Symposium & New online material from RCEMLearning.
This month Susie and Rajesh talk about Emergency Physicians experience of stress during resuscitation and strategies for mitigating the effects of stress on performance.
This month we discuss Fluids in RSI, Learning Disabilities, New Online material and we have highlights from the Thames Valley Cardiac Arrest Symposium (Part 1)
Predictors of hospital prenotification for STEMI and association of prenotification with outcomes
This month we discuss Laryngospasm in paediatric sedation, Case Based Discussions, Use of Non-Sterile Gloves for Wound Closure, and new online material from RCEMLearning
This month Noel and Stephen discuss paediatric fractures.
This month we discuss Mid lines vs PICC, Scaphoid Fractures, The FORCE study, RCEM Induction, New online
This month we have CTCA for chest pain, HSIB in the Guidelines for EM, chest tube size in trauma and a review of new RCEMLearning material
In this months podcast, which happens to be Mark's last podcast as lead, we have Efficacy of antibiotics for septic olecrannon bursitis, Guidelines for EM, Anterior-Lateral vs Anterior-Posterior pad placement for cardioversion of AF, Case Based Discussions.
This month we discuss Comparison of Q SOFA and hospital early warning scores for prognosis in suspected sepsis in ED patients: A systematic review.
This month we have New in EM - IV lines in axillary node clearance, Guidelines for EM - Headaches, New in EM - The RePHILL trial
Amy and Lisa discuss The Association between delays to patient admission from the Emergency Department in all cause 30 day mortality
This month we have Guidelines for EM on Heart Failure with Chris & Becky & Clinical Cases with Mark & Michelle
This month Suzie and Raj discuss the experience of Emergency Department patients after a visit for Hypoglycaemia
This month we have Age adjusted dimer lab reported cut-off, Tasers, WBCT for post arrest patients, Case Based Discussions
In this multicentre study, the best performing models to predict ICU admittance were the NEWS2 and the Quick COVID-19 Severity Index Score, with fair diagnostic performance
This month we have part B of our recordings from the Annual Scientific Conference. We discuss End of life and escalation with Dr Calvin Lightbody, Organ donation in EM with Dr Katja Empson and TBI in ED with Dr Virginia Newcombe
This month Mark talks to Prof Jason Smith about Whole blood transfusion, Dr Arun Sayal on Orthopaedics in the ED, and Dr Simon Laing about Airways in the ED
This month Amy discusses Cardiovascular complications of pre hospital emergency anesthesia in patients with return or spontaneous circulation following medical cardiac arrest
This month we have New in EM: Helmet vs Face mask CPAP, Guidelines for EM_Sepsis, New in EM: Back pain, is there an app for that?, Clinical Cases