CPD Podcast 4 – Simon Carley talks to Sunil Dasan

CPD Podcast 4 - Simon Carley talks to Sunil Dasan
Simon Carley talks to Adrian Boyle
Simon Carley talks to Ian Higginson about COVID19
This month we have COVID Discussion | Debriefing post traumatic event | Talking bout dying in the ED | COVID19 Ventilation
Simon Carley chats to Katherine Henderson about Covid 19
Key occupational stressors in the ED: an international comparison
This month we have split the podcast into two sections. The first has New in EM WBCT for cardiac arrest and Critical care update Part 1. The 2nd part is a complete feature on COVID19
This month we have BET 2: Is keeping the eyes shut while fitting predictive of a psychogenic cause for seizures? And initial focused assessment with sonography in trauma versus initial CT for patients with haemodynamically stable torso trauma
This month we have Belfast CPD 2019 Tracheostomy | NICE Pneumonia | New in EM YEARS in pregnancy
This month we have What do older people want from emergency care, Determination of the best early warning scores to predict clinical outcomes of emergency department patients, Is Seniority of Emergency Physician Associated with the Weekend Mortality Effect?
The January 2020 podcast is hosted by Chris Connolly and features New in EM currency in EM intubation, ASC 2019: Govind Oliver - Clinical Gestalt vs TMAC scoring, New in EM early antibiotic in sepsis, ASC 2019: Gordon Fuller AHEAD-2
This month we have New in EM TXA for epistaxis, EMEC Liz Herrieven, Mark Lyttle ASC, IPED Study
This month we have 'Should we resusitate elderly patients with blunt traumatic cardiac arrest?' & 'The public perception to bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation'
New in EM XueBiJing for pneumonia, Renal Colic Live guidlines, DFTB19 Paul Reavley, DFTB19 Anna Dobbie, New in EM Intralipid in OD
Octobers podcast is a special from the RCEM ASC with an interview with the new president Dr Katherine Henderson, Prof Simon Carley on his top 10 papers for EM, and an interview with Rod Little prize winner Dr Gordon Fuller
This month we have Guideline CVA part 2 | Paper 1 - New in EM cervical artery dissection | Belfast CPD 2019 Acute Ophthalmology | New in EM: NACSTOP trial - early cessation of NAC in paracetamol OD | EMEC Anu Mitra
This month we discuss Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome and interpreting and verifying the index test
This months podcast has Belfast 2019 CPD - Leadership | Belfast CPD 2019 End of life care | New in EM: Rethinking IV Size & Location for CTPA | EMEC Jon Carter | Belfast CPD 2019 Top Paeds Papers | Guideline NICE CVA and TIA (part one TIA)
This month we have Dental Anaesthesia in the Emergency Department, and sources of bias in studies of diagnostic test performance
This month we have Aromatherapy for Nauseated ED Patients | Rob Rogers at EMEC - Medutopia, Legacies and Inspiration | Hugo Dowd - Syncope at Belfast CPD | Iain Beardsell - Diagnostics at Belfast CPD | Cardioversion for A Fib
The June 2019 podcast for the EMJ, we have CBRN incidents and Plight of the pelvic exam
This months podcast features Angio following cardiac arrest | Vertigo | Bag Mask Ventilation in RSI | LGIB | and IAEM PoCUS Erector Spinae Block
This month we discuss measles and Major incident triage
This month we have a discussion on the Manchester Bombing | Scribes in the ED | TERN TIRED | PTX and haemothorax in the CT era | Horse Trauma | Roc Rocks - ED RSI with Rocuronium or Suxamethonium