EMJ Podcast April 2019

The first podcast in partnership with the EMJ
This month we have DVT guidelines | CRT vs Lactate Guided Fluid Resuscitation in Septic Shock | IAEM PoCUS 01 SHOC ED Study | DFTB18 Elliot Long | Stabbings in children | Non operative appendicitis management
March 2019 Podcast
TXA for haemoptysis, EMJ Podcast, Capacity, DFTB18 Domenic Cincotta, Premedication for ketamine sedation, C-spine in distracting injuries
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This podcast was initiated by the survivors and relatives of aortic dissection in the group Aortic Dissection Awareness UK
The latest podcast from the RCEMLearning team
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So the TOXABSE guidelines for staggered paracetamol overdose last night. We bring you an up to date podcast on paracetamol overdose management recorded at the recent RCEM scientific conference with James Dear
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The inaugural Don't Forget the Bubbles conference was held in Brisbane at the end of August and RCEMLearning's Nikki Abela flew over to for this event.
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