August 2017

The new podcast for August 2017
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The new podcast for June 2017
Welcome back to the RCEM Learning podcast for May 2017
The 2017 RCEM CPD conference was held in central London in April 2017. There was a great selection of speakers and we had the good fortune to capture a few interviews with some of the speakers
Welcome to the new format podcast. From now on you'll be getting a monthly podcast with lots of different segments to try and cover as much as we possibly can
This month we're really drilling down in to the specifics around suspected spinal injury in major trauma
March 2017 New in EM
In this podcast we cover something fairly rare that if all goes well shouldn't even present to the ED
We're back with some more papers to whet your critical appraisal and knowledge hungry appetite
For the second part of the Asthma Guideline Podcast Chris Connolly and Becky Maxwell focus on its application in Paediatric Emergency Departments
You may have been expecting a January New in EM. Well sorry folks, in the name of wellness and christmas holidays we took a month
Today we have an interview with Cian McDermott, an Irish trained EP working in Australia and an old friend of mine
December 2016 New in EM
This guideline was published in 2016 and was an update on the previous iteration that has been updated yearly by SIGN
New in EM Nov 2016
In this month's Guidelines Podcast @chrisconnolly83 and @MaxiRebecca discuss the latest SIGN Guidelines on ACS
Oct New in Em from Nikki Abela, Simon Laing, Chris Connolly, Craig Davison, Ken Milne, Andy Neill
The weather turned sour this morning, but this did not dampen the conference mood.
The second day of the conference started a new chapter for the college as the new president, Taj Hassan, addressed the audience
Hello and welcome to the first of our daily podcast summaries from not-so-sunny Bournemouth for the RCEM annual scientific meeting
There has been a lot of talk about sepsis over the last year, in fact I heard someone recently saying they had “sepsis” fatigue, there have been so many debates in the FOAMed world this year
So no doubt now we’re approaching winter your ED will be under pressure and both your team and the hospital will be looking for strategies to reduce crowding
New in EM September 2016