Ectopic pregnancy

RIF pain and PV bleeding - history and treatment.
You are about to see two patients both of whom have testicular pain
Principles of consent in view of recent case law
Learning about lightning injuries
There's more than meets the eye in this case of orbital cellulitis.
Investigating a child presenting with a limping gait to your Paediatric Emergency Department.
During Summer storms, lightning strikes can cause fatalities …but what happens to the survivors?
This case describes a therapeutic excess of paracetamol and explores the further management of complications in an unintentional paracetamol overdose.
You are assigned to perform an echo in life support on a 45-year-old patient with a witnessed out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
A pregnant female accidentally takes an excess of paracetamol. This SAQ explores the important considerations taken when managing acute paracetamol poisoning during pregnancy.
A 50-year-old man with a penile injury - this is one you mustn't miss!
A 4-year-old girl fell whilst playing in the playground on a metal slide and sustained a 3cm open wound to her left cheek and upper lip.
How will you manage haemodynamic instability in a patient following a calcium channel blocker drug overdose?
Pre-alert; Adult male with long term front of neck access is en route in acute respiratory distress, what are your next steps?
An elderly man presents with central chest pain and exertional dyspnea.
A 27-year-old male cyclist presents with an isolated fractured left femur, having been hit by a car.
Ultrasound in shocked patients. This competency is specifically for Higher Specialty Trainees. It is also useful for interested Core Trainees.
A 50-year-old man was brought to the ED with ongoing dizziness, visual hallucinations and floaters in his eyes.
A 26-year-old Indian man presents to the ED after being unwell for 5 days complaining of weakness, fever and headache.
You receive a pre-alert for a 30-year-old female who had chest pain earlier that morning.
A 14-year-old footballer is brought in with a shooting pain in his hip developed whilst shooting at goal.
A 66-year-old man falls 6 feet from a step ladder on to concrete. On scene he is haemodynamically stable, his GCS is 15 and he is moving all 4 limbs.
ECG changes in an unconscious patient
An 85-year-old lady is brought in after an unwitnessed fall in a care home complaining of right wrist pain. She has obvious facial bruising.