Epistaxis in a child

A 7-year-old girl is brought into the ED by her mother on a busy Saturday afternoon after experiencing several nose bleeds at home over the preceding few hours.
Management of Heat Stroke in the ED
An 8-month-old boy is brought to A&E by his mother. He became unwell 2 days ago with vomiting and abdominal pain.
Patients present to ED with complications of etiologies that might not yet have been diagnosed. As ED physicians, it’s imperative to connect the dots and identify themes, beyond the acute complaints.
Trauma Pre-alert for a 35-year-old gentleman who sustained injury to head and back after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool.
From somewhere under the sea, sun... and food container.
What will you do when your weekend shift in the Paediatric ED turns into seeing a stream of yellow babies?
A 29-year-old male presents after being poisoned with an unknown drug.
A mother has rushed into the ED very concerned that her baby is blue. This case covers the importance of understanding cyanosis, with consideration for the potential causes and management in a 3 week old.
A 20-year-old female was brought into the ED as a pre-alert call. She had been found unresponsive in her room at a psychiatric unit.
A 6-month-old boy brought in because he can’t breathe.
The forbidden forest is home to many dangerous creatures, where an encounter with even the smallest ticks can leave a big impact.
A minor injury with a major complication: applying clinically orientated anatomy in the ED.
This is the case about clinical diagnosis of Anaphylaxis and life threatening and non-life threatening mimics of Anaphylaxis
Penetrating neck wounds – how do you manage the stable patient?
3-year-old with a head and arm injury following an accidental fall.
Diagnosing and managing acute bronchiolitis: when to investigate and how to decide if a child can be cared for at home or in hospital.
Before bedtime, 3 children were playing with matchsticks in their upstairs bedroom. They had made a tent earlier that evening using their bed linen and were inside, surrounded by their cuddly toys
The changing landscape of ultrasound - how do your images change, and how is it relevant?
A 67-year-old male attends the ED following a 4 day history of worsening cough productive of green sputum, pleuritic chest pain and fever.
A patient presents to the Emergency Department suspected of having illicit concealed drugs. This SAQ explores the clinical management, combined with the ethical and medicolegal aspects of their care.
An SAQ designed to consolidate your knowledge on the features and management of Kawasaki disease.
The paramedics arrive with a 3-year-old boy who has had two seizures today. He has known developmental delay but has no history of seizures previously
A 25-year-old male with no significant past medical history attends A&E with chest pain