Acute Abdominal Pain

A woman attends your ED with severe lower abdominal pain and fullness, with difficulty urinating. She had roughly similar symptoms when she was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease before.
There are three pregnant patients in the department who require consideration of Rhesus status and anti-D immunoglobulin. You must assess each in turn.
A 25-year-old male presents to your ED with central sharp chest pain, shortness of breath and palpitations.
A 45-year-old female attends with grossly swollen lips. She has some important information about her symptoms, can you understand it? моє обличчя опухло! If not, it’s time to use some clinical acumen!
An elderly male with a shocking diagnosis.
A young man presents with an acutely red and painful eye on the background of a chronic stable condition.
An elderly woman attends with a vague history of weakness and confusion but an unremarkable clinical examination. How will you proceed?
A young woman, who walks into the ED with Propranolol overdose, suddenly collapses.
A woman presents with breast pain and fever to your emergency department. How will you manage this patient?
A pregnant woman presents with a headache and abdominal pain and suddenly deteriorates. How will you manage this?
A young man presents with auditory hallucinations and paranoid delusions. Test your knowledge on assessment and management of a psychiatric patient.
You think this is a regular day at the office and a very straight forward case, but is it?
A young female patient presents with lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding to your ED. How will you manage this patient?
A conducted energy device (CED) ‘taser’ was discharged into a patient’s shoulder. Before this patient is taken into police custody, you’ve been asked to assess them in your ED.
A young woman is pre-alerted to the emergency department with increasing drowsiness and confusion.
The Police have brought a patient to your ED that has had a controlled energy device discharged into their upper back. You are called to assess this patient.
Refresh your knowledge on this latest outbreak.
Test your knowledge on managing an animal bite!
Preparing for exams and trying to find an SBA on organ donation? The law around organ donation has changed; refresh your knowledge with this SBA.
A woman with diplopia needs your help. Can you identify the cause and include or exclude any red flags?
Your patient’s x-ray shows his heart is almost the whole size of his chest. What’s going on? And what are you going to do about it?
Trauma Pre-alert for a 35-year-old gentleman who sustained injury to head and back after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool.
Do we always behave as we should?
A young man presents with fever, headache, photophobia and vomiting. Can you interpret the findings to diagnose and treat him appropriately before it’s too late?