Patients at risk of absconding

How will you manage the absconding patient?
Complaints are unfortunately common – but how do you reply to them?
Learn more about the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACS) and their role managing in domestic abuse.
Teaching and thinking about teaching
12% of ED attendances are related to domestic abuse. How will you identify & manage these cases?
A recently widowed 36-year-old female presents with chest pain and shortness of breath. Her ECG features diffuse ST elevation.
Life threatening complications of cancer – more than neutropenia.
Communicating with little people?
12% of ED attendances are related to domestic abuse. ED physicians are in a unique position to identify these cases.
This SBA will test your knowledge about bronchiolitis – are you ready?
A young man presents with superficial wounds on his forearm from a dog bite. You know what you have to do. Clean the wound, give a tetanus shot and prescribe antibiotics…. Right?
What are potential causes for blood in a neonate’s nappy?
Are you supporting your overseas team as much as you could? Inspired by the RCEMLearning blog, here are some questions.
Buckle / Torus fractures in children
We perform fascia iliaca blocks with ease… but do you really remember the anatomy?
Children can be distracting, but how can we also distract them?
DNA CPR confuses many but is a very important area to get right.
Imaging and management in paediatric trauma
Explore your understanding further of how hypnosis can help in Emergency Medicine
Are inequalities part of our every day work, and what can we do about them?
Unwell neonate with an umbilical hernia
When will you admit a patient with PID?
A patient presents with sudden, painful loss of vision. Can you diagnose the problem and provide emergency management?
Differential diagnosis of knee pain in the limping older child