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Ouch! My eye is sore!

A 63-year-old male presents with acute painful and red left eye.
Highlights of a Public Health study day at RCEM covering Domain 4 of the RCEM Curriculum: doctors in training must be aware of and demonstrate capabilities in health promotion and illness prevention.
The unspoken disease of inflicted, non-accidental injury in children.
A 14-year-old boy has been brought to the ED with a headache that has been ongoing for the last few days.
Recap of the ASC 2022 conference
This month Susie and Rajesh talk about Emergency Physicians experience of stress during resuscitation and strategies for mitigating the effects of stress on performance.
A 12-year-old girl is brought to your ED with abdominal pain and a urine dip is done.
Preparing for exams and trying to find an SBA on organ donation? The law around organ donation has changed; refresh your knowledge with this SBA.
Actively reflecting on and planning our ongoing career is arguably some of the deepest work we can do, touching as it does on our very purpose and meaning.
There is serious concern over the shape and demographic of the medical workforce in the years ahead, due to the potential drain of highly skilled and experienced clinicians, whose premature loss will have a significant impact on the service.
A set of 10 Multiple choice questions to help you revise. The Questions have been selected at random covering the curriculum.
To follow on from the RCEMLearning blogs on Bullying in the ED and Undermining in the ED, we will move on to an unwanted behaviour that is less subtle.