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  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Very helpful module!

  2. Shiela Alison Pantrini says:

    Found this really useful thank you, note that expired CO2 monitoring is not included?

  3. Yasmeen Musekhan says:

    Was useful and now can follow to rule out delirium in elderly in ED which is very true that it is neglected part of management. Focus is all on the illness but root cause missed at times.It can be that the patient is in ED only due to delirium and we try to find out all different kinds of infections some how….

  4. lahirik5549 says:

    very helpful and informative

  5. mekavgk says:

    Excellent topic, very informative

  6. Manitheepan Kandiah says:

    Informative and clinical oriented. ..

  7. elzamzamiam says:

    Brief and informative

  8. wrigleyf says:

    Useful module – good revision of physiology

  9. Jennifer Christine Samantha Rogers says:

    Really good overview

  10. Diego Olivari says:

    Useful case based learning

  11. scullionf6865 says:

    relevant and conscise

  12. farhadda says:

    A great aid for learing

  13. amareh5887 says:

    A very good way of reviewing. Thanks!

  14. Amy Rumblow says:

    Excellent learning resource

  15. Sophie says:

    Good revision of an important presentation in older diabetics. More than overdue. I was still calling it HONK.

  16. Mahmoud Abdelkader Ward says:

    Very helpful

  17. eganl4225 says:

    Really useful. Concise and precise. Quick revision aid, thank you.

  18. amareh5887 says:

    Very nice for reviewing. Thanks!

  19. Abdelrahman Alfarra says:

    Very helpful

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