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This month we have: New in EM - Clonidine for pain, Guidelines for EM - NEXUS Chest CT Rule, an interview with Matt Reed, Coca cola for food boluses and New Online.
Cardiac arrest in pregnancy is a potential presentation to the emergency department. If it happens, you are likely to be cognitively overloaded.
This module describes the processes around Information Sharing to Tackle Community Violence. It also describes some of the responsibilities of emergency clinicians around confidentiality when looking after victims of violence.
An update on the 2023 guidelines for management of pneumothorax.
A 3-year-old child presents to your emergency department with a rash, fever and vomiting.
A man in his 20s attends the ED after injuring his foot while playing football.
In the past, paediatric lacerations requiring sutures often required admission and a general anaesthetic for wound closure. This blog looks at how we can provide timely, cost effective and acceptable management in the ED that avoids this paradigm.
This session provides an introduction to Brief Unexplained Resolved Events. It covers the definition, differential diagnoses, how to stratify patients into low or high risk and the subsequent management.
A 3-year-old boy presents to the Children's Emergency Department with a painful rash.