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This month we have INTERACT 3, British Thoracic Society - Pneumothorax, PERUKI Update, UK-Med Experiences in Ukraine with Dave Clarke, New Online.
The boy doesn't look sick but his heart beats fast.
A 35-year-old woman is brought to the ED after being involved in a road traffic collision.
You are called to a pre-alerted 6-day-old baby who has arrived in paediatric resus with rapid breathing. How will you manage this infant?
Diagnosis and management of itchy bedbug bites!
You take handover for a patient in resus. They have presented with new onset of focal seizures. You start treatment but the convulsions are worsening. What will you do?
This blog looks at the challenges that patients with Autism Spectrum Condition face in the emergency setting and suggests some tips and tricks for clinical assessment and management.
A 34-year-old woman presents with a worsening vision and pain on eye movement.
This blog looks at RSI from the eyes of the “assistant” - this might be the resus nurse, the ED FY2, or a non-airway trained ED registrar. Please send your thoughts, feedback and comments.