June 2024

This month we are discussing paed nail bed repair, Sickle Cell Disease, James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Major Trauma and New Online.
This month we have: New in EM - Clonidine for pain, Guidelines for EM - NEXUS Chest CT Rule, an interview with Matt Reed, Coca cola for food boluses and New Online.
This month we have Ketamine and Ondansetron, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, an interview with Vicky Price (SAM), Antibiotics for brain injury and New Online
Noel and Stephen discuss High-dose versus low-dose intravenous nitroglycerine for sympathetic crashing acute pulmonary edema: a randomised controlled trial.
This month we have Low vs High Dose Dexamethasone for Migraine, Thoracic aortic aneurysm, Transfusion thresholds in MI and New Online.
This mont we have POCUS for paediatric wrist fractures, NICE Guidelines on TLOC, Interview with GP Steve Taylor, Removing Penicillin Allergy labels & New Online
In the first podcast of 2024 we have Aortic Dissection in the ED, Invasive Procedures in the ED, Noninvasive airway management in comatose poisoned patients and New Online.
This month we have a brand new Co-host, Liz Farah. And the topics on discussion are Mortality in older patients boarding overnight in the ED, Hypertension in the ED and Cauda Equina Syndrome, Opioids for back pain & New Online
This month we have INTERACT 3, British Thoracic Society - Pneumothorax, PERUKI Update, UK-Med Experiences in Ukraine with Dave Clarke, New Online.
This month we discuss: 'You may think that the consultants are great, and they know everything, but they don't', And then a systematic review called 'Why is pain management so difficult in the ED.'
This month we have: outine head to pelvis CT post arrest, an RCEM ASC Interview Megamix and New Online,
This month we discuss the SQUID protocol for DKA, Concussion Guidelines, The Physiologically Difficult Airway and New Online.
Susie and Raj discuss the evaluation of microMend wound closure device in repairing skin lacerations.
This month we discuss: The STANDING Protocol for Vertigo, Head Injury (Part 2 of 2), A History of A&E Performance with Steve Black, TTA Topical Anaesthetics for Corneal Abrasion and New Online.
This month we look at a paper dealing with Performance of a prehospital HEART score in patients with possible myocardial infarction a prospective evaluation and also one on methocarbamol vs diazepam in management of acute lower back pain.
This month we have: TXA in trauma revisited - the PATCH Trauma trial, Head injury, HALO procedures with Joseph Mathew and New Online.
This month we discuss Bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation and cardiac rhythm change over time in patients with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, Spiking and Blunt chest wall trauma.
This month we have: EM ETCO2 at triage, Nitrous Oxide Toxicity, Horizontal or vertical for LP, Practice Changing Papers in PEM and New Online
This month we’ve got two New in EM segments: which shoulder relocation technique is best & the use of TXA in haemoptysis. We also speak with Tessa Davis of Don't Forget The Bubbles fame and her top tips for delivering teaching online. We then speak to Evan Bayton about the RCEM Coat of Arms and what on earth it all means, and then end the podcast with New Online.
This month Graham talks to our very own Rob Hirst about establishing the research priorities of emergency medicine trainees, patients and carers across the UK and Ireland: the TERN Delphi study. Then Susie Roy discusses Cervical spine movements during laryngoscopy and orotracheal intubation: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
This month we discuss: Using lactate to diagnose seizures, Non-fatal strangulation, Impact of familiarity on performance and New Online.
This month Noel and Stephen discuss diagnostic performance of S100B as a rule-out test for intracranial pathology in head-injured patients presenting to the ED who meet NICE Head Injury Guideline criteria for CT-head scan, and Graham discusses Paediatric acute non traumatic limp.
This month we have Liberal vs. restrictive fluids in sepsis, Management and investigation of results from the ED, GreenED and New Online.
This month Lisa Ramage and Amy Hughes discuss the paper 'Thromboprophylaxis in ambulatory ED patients managed with lower limb immobilisation after injury: a national survey'. Then Suzy and Philippa discuss 'Pulmonary embolism management in the ED'.