“You are brave!” Starting a life-long career in emergency medicine

Two new ST1 emergency medicine trainees, who recently started academic clinical fellowships (ACFs) in emergency medicine in Cambridge and Manchester, share their perspectives on beginning a career in emergency medicine in the current challenging climate.
Another week, another top 5! The volume and quality of evidence continues to grow with the team screening over 1,500 studies. This week’s top 5 contains policy shaping big hitters and an additional +1 follow up piece with a spark of controversy
Another week, another top 5! The team has sorted through thousands of papers
Another week, another top 5! The team faced well over 2,000 papers this week, along with a couple of big-hitters, which sneaked themselves in
This week’s flash update is the distilled outputs of a global output of more than 1,700 papers a week
The RCEM Top 5 COVID-19 papers are compiled from expert recommendations, weekly systematic searches, and contributions from the FOAMeD community
Another week, another top 5! The team has sorted through thousands of papers, and here are the papers that deserve your attention. If you have the headspace for ten more fantastic papers check out the Director’s Cut
As COVID-19 continues, so does the phenomenal volume of information about it being generated from every corner of the globe. This flash update from the RCEM COVID-19 CPD team, gives clinicians the weekly top 5 research papers, and the findings that can influence your practice on the front-line.
RCEM COVID-19 CPD Top 5 papers: Week 3
In the online journal club and CPD bulletins (also published here on RCEM Learning) we focus on a small number of papers. There are of course more submitted than we can accommodate
It's tough keeping up to date with the ever changing world of Covid19. Whilst we are all working hard at treating patients in the ED and ICU, we also need to try and keep up to date with new evidence coming out all the time