My personal journey into qualitative research: Dan Darbyshire

I am not the person who any of my medical school colleagues would have pegged for academia. I won't share the contents of the yearbook entry about me, it's too embarrassing. Suffice to say that mentions of alcohol and my Xbox significantly outnumber any aspirations to academia
I am a Professor of Emergency Medicine employed at the University of Sheffield. I hold an Honorary contract with Barnsley Hospital Foundation NHS Trust where I undertake my clinical work and am also the Director of Research and Development.
I'm Rick Body - a dad, a husband, a terrible and ageing Sunday league footballer, an even worse church organist, a doctor, an emergency physician, and - although I still don't quite believe how - a Professor of Emergency Medicine
Looking back, I had fallen in love with the academic world long before I even started to consider medicine as a career. Graduating from high school in my home town of Berlin in Germany, I was 100% committed to studying chemistry
 I always think of my academic journey to date as some form of organised serendipity.  I did not take the usual medical school path to academia, in so far as having no intercalated degree