Author: Michael Connelly, Celestine Weegenaar, Aled Donaldson, Stephanie Milne / Editor: Rajesh Chatha, Robert Hirst / Codes: PC1, SLO10 / Published: 24/08/2021

At TERN Education we are keen to help you all learn how to critically evaluate the evidence behind your practice. In order to do this, we have been producing monthly Virtual Journal Club (VJC) modules on RCEMLearning since March 2021.

From August 2021, a different deanery will create and contribute to the virtual journal club each month. The Severn deanery in the South-West of England have had the honour of creating the first regional edition. Our team was made up of emergency medicine trainees from all training grades.

The VJC gives you the opportunity to critically consider your practice and earn a certificate which demonstrates the new curriculum requirement to engage in critical appraisal activity. When you finish, click the link to the forum to discuss this month’s paper with colleagues around the country.

Interested in writing a module? We are looking to recruit regional teams to write future modules. Email us at


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