Aortic Dissection

Author: Andy Neill / Codes: CAP37, CAP7, HAP2, HAP8, HMP4, CC7, SLO1, SLO10, SLO11, SLO2, SLO3, SLO7, SLO8, VC2 / Published: 16/04/2018


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This podcast was initiated by the survivors and relatives of aortic dissection in the group Aortic Dissection Awareness UK

A massive thanks to Catherine and Anne who were kind enough to share their stories. 

Thanks also to Emma Redfern, Consultant in EM in Bristol interviewed by Becky Maxwell and also to Debbie Harrington, Consultant Aortic Surgeon in Liverpool

Aortic Dissection Awareness UK have created posters and information to be distributed and displayed in EDs across the UK and Ireland. 

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  1. watsont400 says:

    Very informative, thank you!

  2. badmusol says:

    very educative discussions.

  3. winstanleyju says:

    Very informative session from different perspectives.

  4. Ewan Cameron Armitage says:

    Emotive podcast. Use of first-hand reflection a powerful learning tool.

  5. hassane5438 says:

    Very useful thank you

  6. Anne Snoddy says:

    great podcast, very thought provoking as well as educational,thank you

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    very interesting and moving account.

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    Very informative andethought provoking, will definitely change the practice.

  9. Dr. Kaushik Lahiri says:

    very informative

  10. Dr. Rahila Garos Dusu says:

    Very thought provoking and emotional podcast to listen to. From now on, I really will be thinking about AD more than I do. We need more podcasts like this, where survivors and relatives speak as it gives a voice to medical conditions making us stop and listen.

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